Getting Started with Clashgap

Clashgap is a diff/compression module in Python

How it works

In case if you have two strings:

“This is a sentence…” and “This is a word…”

you could “clash” both of them together and find their gap, to get an array loking something like:

[“This is a”, [“sentence”, “word”], “…”]

As you can the clashgap algorithm looks for collisions in the two strings to find the gap. The clashgaped string maybe used for compression or as the diff of the input strings

Getting Started

To start using the package you would have to install it. Have a look at the Installation guide. After that out of the way, give it a try by following the instructions at the Give it a try guide

Fundamental Functions

The fundamental functions of the package is gap() and fill()

Advanced Features

You could also check out thre Clash class, which enables you instantiate a Clash object, with the input array.

About Clashgap

To find more about the project, you may head on to any of these links